About Sageco

Sageco has deep expertise in career, mature age and executive transition, originating from three separate companies (Donington, Harris Smith and Sageco) which merged in July 2013.  Randstad – a leading HR services provider completed the 100% acquisition of Sageco on 12 January 2017. Sageco is now known as Sageco – a RiseSmart company.

Sageco is a corporate member of:

and a proud supporter of Dress for Success.

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The art of diversity in transition

For our clients

All organisations experience changes like redundancies, retirement and leadership change. Most employees experience significant transitions in their working lives. Progressive organisations have diversity and inclusion policies which underpin their approach to attraction, recruitment and training.

  • What happens when you apply the diversity and inclusion lens to how employees exit the organisation or significantly change their role?
  • How can you adapt to all ages and stages and how will it benefit the bottom line?

Sageco partners with your organisation to assess the impact of the decision-making process on employee demographics.

The art of diversity in transition; applying a diversity lens to seven stages of redundancy planning. A Sageco thought leadership article developed by Alison Monroe and Catriona Byrne.


For our participants

We ensure that our delivery team, programs, materials and career centres are accessible and tailored to meet the needs of a diverse workforce, of all ages, all career stages, all abilities and all backgrounds.

We train our Transition Specialists in Mental Health First Aid, Cultural Awareness, Mature Age employment and Gender Pay Equity. Our team of associates includes Diversity and Inclusion specialists who have expertise and accreditation in mature age workers, gender, culture, indigenous, disability and mental health.

For our people

Access, equity and inclusion for Sageco people – we aim to provide a working environment that attracts, engages and retains a diverse group of talented individuals who can reach their potential.

We will achieve this through transparent and equitable recruitment practices, reviewing our HR policies and practices with a diversity lens, providing flexibility of working arrangements and a zero tolerance for discrimination, bullying, harassment or vilification.

Gender pay equity

As a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador, our CEO Alison Monroe is committed to raise awareness of gender pay equity and assist organisations and employees close the gender pay gap.

To create sustainable change, Sageco runs national pay equity wisdom circles for clients to explore pay equity through the lens of the career life cycle, transformation and change.

For participants, we provide the opportunity to attend a career resource workshop on ‘Understanding gender pay equity’ to equip women and men with strategies, tools and resources to raise awareness and close the gender pay gap.

What would an award-winning workplace look like?

With thousands of participants going through our programs each year, we have a unique opportunity to empower them on this complex topic. We have developed a suite of resources on understanding the issues and causes, and reviewing strategies individuals can use to close the gap.

Working with Sageco

Sageco is committed to providing a workplace that fosters collaboration and creativity, operates with integrity and drives excellence. Whether you are a direct employee or an associate, we support your professional and personal development.

Seeking to be continually inclusive:

  • we honour the diversity within our team
  • we are serious about being an employer of choice
  • we embrace flexible working options
  • we reward excellence
  • we acknowledge your efforts to grow Sageco
  • we partner with you to create, not only our future, but your future.