A new report from RiseSmart in the US shines a virtual light onto what really matters in career transition. It’s unusual to find anyone in mid to late career who hasn’t been through some type of career transition or outplacement program. In truth, we have a fixed perception of what outplacement is and isn’t. It can be a bit gloomy and staid.

We love this quote from the RiseSmart report:

But layoffs are not the end of the conversation— they are the start of a conversation about how we will take care of our talent now and in the future, as well as protect our assets, like reputation and brand, during and after the difficult period of necessary transition.

As a RiseSmart company, Sageco provides a blended approach to career transition – upholding personalised service yet powered by revolutionary technology. Every participant who works with Sageco has a team of three to help them achieve their transition goals – faster than ever before.

One of the findings from the report turns our perception of career transition on its head:

Virtual coaching was 32 percent more effective in helping employees land a new job than in-person coaching of any kind. Yet employers still often opt for in-person coaching because it is the “way things have always been done.” In-person coaching is not only less effective, but it is also more costly and limited due to the need for office space and local coaches. Consider an outplacement provider that offers virtual coaching, in order to receive more value and return on your investment.

In practice, Sageco has provided ‘virtual’ coaching for years. Often, coaches will meet with a participant once or twice – then subsequent meetings are conducted by Skype or phone and follow-ups made by email and through an online resource centre. Now that Sageco is a RiseSmart company, we can continue our blended virtual coaching model, empowered by revolutionary technology that supports our participants from the get-go.

We look forward to having a conversation with you about further transition insights.