Participant guide

If you are about to start an individual Sageco transition program then you’re in the right place.

Meeting your transition coach

Your very first step is to book an appointment to meet with your transition coach who will guide you through your time with us. Your transition specialist is a highly qualified and experienced professional who partners with you to create your future. Your transition specialist is also very human so you can expect:

  • Reassurance, a listening ear, great questions and even laughter.
  • A collaborative relationship and conversations that matter.
  • A program tailored specifically to you and the future you want to create.

Assessing your career

You don’t start this process as a blank canvas. Your life and career to this point is a swirl of achievements, skills and strengths. While your career is really important, it’s not the only thing that defines you. Your identity, health, finances and relationships all help to inform your transition landscape. Through conversations with your transition specialist, and by applying the unique Sageco frameworks and tools available, you will paint a clear picture of where you are now and what matters to you.

Creating your future

Left to our own devices, it’s easy to limit the colours and texture of what is fully possible. Your transition specialist will draw on a diverse range of tools and techniques to help you re-frame your career and future goals with clarity and precision. This strong vision will give you the momentum to take action.

Taking action

When you reach the point of taking action, you will have already mapped out your individual plan and tactics for achieving your future goals. Your plan might include exploring your job option, creating a stand out resume you can tailor to each new opportunity, completing a LinkedIn profile makeover, having career conversations and preparing for interviews, understanding the recruitment process and developing your network. You might explore starting a business or securing specialist contracting roles. You may want to include volunteering in your portfolio career. Your action plan might also include a number of non-employment related steps such as undergoing a health check up or reviewing your personal finances. Whatever your individual plans, there are online resources and specialist support services to get you there. And your transition specialist will be there at each step of the way to encourage, guide and help keep you on track.

Using the resources

Sageco offers you the use of our facilities to help you stay active. During your time with us, you can set up your computer at a desk and plug into our WiFi to create new resumes, profiles and to correspond with employers, recruiters and other useful contacts. You can also use our offices to meet with other participants at special topic forums and networking sessions. Best of all, these services are offered as part of your program free of charge.

Book an appointment

A Chinese philosopher Laozi once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Your next single step is to book your appointment with your transition specialist. To book an appointment call 1 300 667 144 or book online here.

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You may have more questions – most people do.

We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions. We also invite you to pick up the phone have a conversation with us about any questions you have. We look forward to celebrating your future with you.

You can find the address and a google map for each Sageco office under the locations menu. Make your appointment first so we know to expect you and make you welcome.

An outplacement or career transition program is offered to you by your employer when your position has been made redundant. Career transition is traditionally offered to support you while you find your next job. Sageco will do this but we hope you will go deeper and use the transition process as a catalyst for change. The Sageco transition program provides an opportunity for you to stop, assess the past and explore what you really want to do. We believe that with our guidance and support you really can create your own future.

Not a cent. Your employer pays for your transition program. When you commence the program, Sageco will go through the details so you are clear about what your program entails.

Sageco provides transition services. We work with participants while they define and then search for their next opportunity. We don’t place people in employment. Recruiters are engaged by employers to find the right candidate for a particular role. Sageco will introduce you to great recruiters who can assist you in your chosen job area. However, we believe contacting a recruitment consultant should only be one component of your job search strategy and will help you explore all available options.

Working with your transition specialist and using the tools available to you, you will gain a crystal clear view of the right role for you. With that goal in mind, Sageco works with you to develop your resume, your approach to job searching, your interviewing skills, your networking activity, your online profile to ensure you make an impact. You will be able to approach every job opportunity with confidence and a clear vision of what you have to offer. The transition program experience will be something that will enrich your career for years to come.

Your Sageco program is tailored specifically to you. We have developed the Envisage framework to help you gain clarity about six key areas of your life. By using Envisage, you will quickly uncover what matters to you most. This will help you focus, use your time efficiently and be excited by what’s possible. We never make assumptions about our participants and know they want very different things. Sageco has worked with participants who wanted to start their own business and others who wanted to work part-time as a way of making a gradual transition to retirement. Some participants want to structure part-time or flexible work around caring responsibilities while others want to pursue a portfolio career combining board opportunities and contract work. We know there’s a world of opportunity out there and are here to help you explore it.

We suggest you start as soon as you can. Even if you haven’t yet had your last day with your current employer, you can call and make your first appointment with your Sageco transitional specialist. Our team are highly experienced practitioners who are here for you. Getting started quickly will provide peace of mind and shift your focus away from redundancy and on to creating your future.

No problem. We really understand you wanting to take a break. It’s usually not a problem to delay the start of your program, but you do need to discuss it with us so at least get in touch. We recommend booking your initial conversation with a Sageco transition specialist before you go away. In our experience, participants enjoy their break even more when they have peace of mind that they’ve taken that first step to securing their new future and are clear on the support they will receive when they return and start the program.

Your program length is determined by what your employer offers. It’s a good idea to discuss this with your manager or HR team before you leave.

Sageco have workspace facilities for you to use as often as you need during your time with us. There’s WiFi and printers, a kitchen with a coffee machine, newspapers, industry mags and friendly faces.

Your information is totally confidential. Sageco takes our code of ethics and Privacy Policy (179 downloads) very seriously. Your transition specialist is your confidante. Full stop.

“I definitely would like to thank you and the team for the support and advice during a very unfamiliar time of unemployment. I found it helpful, and I really did have an enjoyable and relaxing time after a couple of stressful years. I found you and the team to be extremely professional, and lovely people, and I would definitely recommend your services to anyone finding themselves dealing with a career change.” Accountant, NSW

“I have never had such a high success rate on my résumé in getting so many job interviews and I was then short listed for most of them! It was also great doing the personality test to be more self aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I’m looking forward to a new chapter.” Retail Manager, Melbourne

“Thank you so very much again for your assistance on all my sessions. I got so much from them and felt quite inspired when I left your office this afternoon – like I could take on the world! Thank you for listening and for giving me the right tools.” Media Specialist, Sydney

“As a participant, I found our sessions effective and constructive with good rapport. The space is safe and supportive, allowing me to get deeper, find my answers and experience my “Ah ha” moments. Each session was invaluable in my moving forward. The Envisage journal is good in giving a “homework” structure and focus.” IT professional, Sydney