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Managing your career

Managing your money

Managing your health

Supporting relationships and lifestyles

Creating your future

Understanding Identity

Understanding Identity

The Happiness Institute

Dr Tim Sharp is the founder of the Happiness Institute, Australia’s first organisation devoted solely to enhancing happiness in individuals, families and organisations. He is also an academic, clinician and coach specialising in positive psychology. Browse free resources from the Happiness Institute

Authentic Happiness

Authentic Happiness is the official website of the founder of positive psychology Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania. You can register for free and complete questionnaires to help you on your way. Authentic Happiness – free questionnaires

Managing your money


MoneySmart is a free website from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission designed to help people manage their money matters. It includes calculators, factsheets, tools and tips on superannuation, budgeting, credit matters, investment and more. We encourage you to explore the MoneySmart website for the best independent money guidance for Australians. Here are links to a number of the fact sheets you may find useful.

Managing your health

The four pillars of health

The four pillars of health are nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep. One Life Live It have provided some tips for each pillar. There are links to reputable sites for further information. In all cases, we recommend that you visit a medical practitioner to help you manage your health.



  • Do 30 minutes of ‘huff and puff’ exercise per day
  • Increase your incidental exercise – take the stairs, walk around the block, get off the bus a stop earlier
  • Stand when you can.
  • Two or more days per week of light weights or resistance exercise


  • Aim for more than 5 and no more than 9 hours per night
  • Be aware of the circadian rhythmia
  • Try to have two consecutive days of rest – time away from work
  • Sleep patterns change as you age
  • Keep good sleep hygiene:
    • Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time
    • Avoid caffeine
    • Switch off electronic devices for an hour before sleep
    • Don’t exercise just before bed


  • Keep things in perspective
  • Notice the symptoms of stress
  • Don’t smoke
  • Drink 2 standard drinks per day on 5 days of the week. Have 2 days alcohol free.
  • Eat foods high in anti-oxidants and phytonutrients– from the plant kingdom
  • Increase physical activity
  • Practise mindfulness – live in the here and the now and respond

Academic articles on health

The Conversation features articles by academics that have been vetted for academic rigour and edited for everyday readers. Type the health topic your are searching for into the search box.

Managing your career

Skills and strengths

  • VIA Survey of Character Strengths – When you click through to the Authentic Happiness website at the University of Pennsylvania, look for the “Get Started” drop down box under Questionnaires. The website is free to use and provides ways to identify your character strengths.
  • Skills inventory – Free simple, short inventory tool from the University of Minnesota’s Careers department.
  • Mindtools – Established in 1996, Mindtools provides free career planning tools, articles and more.

Flexible Work

Flexible work conversation A framework for preparing for a conversation with your manager about  building flexibility into your role and exploring the options.

Resume writing

The best resource for our participants is to attend a resume writing forum or listen to our Envisage Radio Forum. Resume writing is part art and part science. There are many sites that will provide tips and examples on resume writing. Use a site like Career One for hundreds of sample resumes and here’s one we love for the resume artists who want to take it outside the square – CV Parade.

Interview Questions

Interviews can be daunting. Rehearsing for a job interview is the perfect way to prepare. This will help you develop your answers ahead of time and boost your confidence on the day. These links will get you started.

  • This Australian video includes more than 20 questions. You can pause the video after each so you can practice your answer interviews.
  • An entire website devoted to job interviews. www.blueskyinterviews.co.uk

Envisage – Create Your Career

A career community for all Envisage graduates with helpful articles, discussions and thought starters. We will also assist you with your LinkedIn profile.

Supporting relationships and lifestyles

Carer information

Dealing with depression

Relationship support

Creating your future

Retirement Goal Planning System

An iPad app that helps you plan your goals using 12 ‘buckets’. Based on research by UCLA professor Shlomo Benartzi it is a seven step process to help you get goal clarity.


Volunteering organisations

The end of life

What are the things you want to do before you die? What do you want to be remembered for? Dying Matters is a unique UK based resource designed to raise awareness of death, dying and bereavement.