The Challenge

  • How do we identify critical knowledge holders within the organisation?
  • How do we engage them in leaving a legacy?
  • How do we transfer the critical knowledge of our most experienced employees?
  • How can we build a knowledge sharing culture?


Exchange is a springboard for the intentional transfer of knowledge between workforce generations. Since 2004 Sageco has supported a wide range of organisations across diverse industries to reduce the risk of knowledge loss as subject matter experts head into retirement (including engineering, banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, transport, utilities, government and nuclear science to name a few!).


License the online Exchange eModule to build the strategy, engage the right people and implement successful methods of knowledge transfer

Knowledge Exchange Webinar recording

View the screencast


Engage Sageco to facilitate Exchange workshops with key internal stakeholders and/or critical knowledge holders and build in-house facilitation capability


Engage Sageco to coach individual knowledge holders (your ‘sages’) and in-house facilitators

Client feedback

  • Hunter Water - This brought the issues out in the open and set the direction going forward.
  • NSW Office of Water - Realising that it needs to happen and you cannot do it overnight. It requires planning and time and you have to make the time to do it - before it is too late!
  • BAE Systems – Exchange is a simple framework to follow and to complete to achieve an outcome.
  • RTA (sage) - Helps you make your last year with the RTA count and understand how you can leave a legacy. I think this exercise was particularly valuable for the young RTA development managers; they are hungry for inspiration and knowledge to consolidate their careers and to go on their own journey through their career in the RTA. The heuristic knowledge is very important i.e. the telling of the stories of issues and how to solve problems – stimulating the conversations and learnings.


  • 100%of sages actively participate in the Exchange program and produce valuable content to share with their colleagues
  • 72%of knowledge seekers participating in the program plan to or have taken action to transfer their own knowledge
  • 69%of managers plan to or have taken steps to implement a knowledge sharing strategy in their team