Last weekend I was invited to speak at a senior school Career Day. We were assigned groups according to the industry we worked in and were asked to speak to the students about our current job as well as what we had done after school to end up where we are now.

While the students were very much focused on their current subjects and how that would get them into certain university courses they were also very interested in life after school and what that would look like. The Envisage framework proved a very useful guide in explaining this and it reinforced the idea that it doesn’t matter what stage of your career you are at, or not at, the six areas of the palette are essential to understanding where you are currently at and what your future may potentially look like.

Leaving school, like leaving a job is a big deal and the questions the students were asking were all relevant. What would their future look like? What was their identity now they didn’t have their school roles? Would their relationships with peers (colleagues) change? How could they support themselves financially?

It got me thinking that it really doesn’t matter at what stage of your career you are at – start, middle or end, the Envisage framework provides a basis for understanding where you are at now and where you are heading.

Change is daunting for everyone, be that leaving school, starting or finishing a job, moving cities or even countries, the fear of the unknown is always scary. However being able to provide the students with some knowledge and tools of how to deal with this change meant that we could leave knowing that they were going to be able to face the world and any challenges in the best way possible.

This is also exactly what we help our participants do through the Envisage program when they face the prospect of leaving one role and looking for the next. While change can be intimidating it can also be a time of excitement and the opportunity to try and something new and thrilling.

The secret of change is to focus all your energy on , not on fighting the old, but on building the new – Socrates