Sageco partners with you to create your future

Sageco provides specialist consulting solutions to support people through organisational change. Our programs help those facing a new future due to redeployment, redundancy, retirement, role change or leadership change.

Sageco brings together pioneers in the outplacement industry, specialist consultants focused on the risks and challenges of an ageing workforce and Executive coaching professionals, creating an unrivalled force of expertise in career, mature age and executive transition.

Our transition solutions support people through organisational change and include:

  • outplacement and redeployment programs following redundancy
  • late career and transition to retirement programs
  • mature age workforce planning
  • career planning diagnostic and coaching
  • transition and leadership coaching for executives.

Sageco offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are working with an expert team with a proven track record of successfully transforming lives, empowering leaders and sustaining organisations.

The art of diversity in transition

An Australian privately owned organisation with national and international coverage, Sageco is passionate about inclusion and equality in the workplace. We believe the art of diversity in transition is vital for creating a positive and productive future for individuals and organisations alike.

Sageco is the market leader in mature age transition – a key aspect of inclusion for all workplaces. Here, Alison Monroe provides her insights for HC Online.