Employees creating their future

We offer a variety of outplacement services and programs designed to support your employees at all ages, all stages and at all levels through their career transitions.

Employees in transition

Sageco – a RiseSmart company’s outplacement programs offer an unmatched level of support and personalisation. No matter what their role, each participant is surrounded by an entire team of industry career transition experts who facilitate a personalised career transition. In addition, each participant gains access to RiseSmart’s revolutionary career transition technology.

Sageco – a RiseSmart compay offers a variety of outplacement services and programs designed to support your employees at any level through their career transitions.


Executive Program


Professional Program


Essentials Program

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Employees planning their career

Our highly engaging career planning model combines:

  • Career Canvas – an innovative online tool to explore the career landscape of individual career options
  • Flexible coaching – workshop sessions conducted face-to-face, by phone or via webinar

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Leaders leading change

The Sageco Navigate® suite of programs is designed for executives, people leaders and HR practitioners to lead change. Navigate provides a framework for compelling conversations about organisational change.

  • Raise awareness – engage people leaders and HR practitioners in your workforce strategy
  • Conduct analysis – leverage workforce data
  • Ignite action – develop an action plan
  • Improve capability – equip people leaders to manage change


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Navigate key objectives

Executives creating their future

Sageco Executive is a highly flexible and adaptive program designed specifically for senior people who are facing a critical career transition point – redundancy, relocation, new role, promotion, company merger, significant change project.

The program includes an executive framework, foundation modules and focus modules.

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Subject matter experts (SMEs) transferring knowledge

Sageco Exchange® engages your SMEs to actively transfer knowledge. It is a springboard for the intentional transfer of knowledge between workforce generations.

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Based on the Exchange framework, the key objectives of this program are:

  • Engage – internal champion, Sage(s), Manager(s), stakeholders, participants
  • Explore – identify and prioritise specific focus areas, demonstrate methodologies
  • Express – agree to follow up coaching sessions
  • Exchange – celebrate program outcomes, identify lessons learnt and recommend strategies going forward

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