About Sageco solutions

We set the standard for transition solutions. We listen closely to our clients and develop innovative, inclusive solutions to your specific needs. No matter where a participant is in their career – early to mid career, mature age, executive, leader – a transition specialist will shape a Sageco program to their individual needs and deliver it with excellence.

About the Envisage® framework

Sageco’s flagship transition framework ‘Envisage’ has inspired over 18,000 participants to visualise what is possible and create their future. The proprietary Envisage framework supports individuals of every age and at every stage of their professional life: career, mature age and executive. It is delivered using one-on-one coaching, group sessions and in an online format.

The Envisage framework encourages each participant to take a holistic view of his or her transition. The six colours of the Envisage palette symbolise a life area to explore. Throughout Envisage, participants picture their future and start taking action. Every Envisage conversation nurtures the transformation experience.


Envisage participants receive a range of services at no charge to them including:

  • A vibrant Envisage journal to capture their thoughts, document their goals and create their action plan.
  • Support from a qualified transition specialist.
  • Seminars full of ideas and guidance on how to make a successful transition.
  • Access to world-class online resources and interactive forums.