Career Transition Solutions

Sageco – a RiseSmart company is the only outplacement and redeployment service provider that offers a combination of personalised services and access to patented technology that is keeping pace with how employers and employees access information and make decisions.

Sageco offers a suite of contemporary career transition solutions to fit the unique needs of both employers and employees. Whether your business decisions include transitioning employees to jobs outside your organisation, redeploying them to fill spaces in other areas of your business, or a combination of both – Sageco has the flexible, scalable, and customisable career transition solution for you.

Working with Sageco – a RiseSmart company

Your outplacement provider should work for you—which is why we provide proactive, end-to-end outplacement support for your entire team:

Client Services
SmartSession Workshops
Onsite support
In-depth reporting

Client Services Manager

Provides 1:1 support from notification to landing (and beyond)

SmartSession Workshops

Informs and supports everyone from leadership to impacted employees to retained workers

Onsite Support

Ensures smooth notification delivery and proactive engagement of eligible employees

In-Depth Reporting

Measures your ROI to make better decisions about your outplacement over time

Tailored Outplacement Programs

Sageco’s outplacement programs offer an unmatched level of support and personalisation. No matter what their role, each participant is surrounded by an entire team of industry career transition experts who facilitate a personalised career transition. In addition, each participant gains access to RiseSmart’s revolutionary career transition technology.

Sageco offers a variety of outplacement services and programs designed to support your employees at all levels and all stages through their career transitions.

Executive Program

Blue line

We understand that executives require a high level of service and attention in order to best meet their career objectives so the Executive Program combines senior-level support with proven transition methodology to provide a seamless, valuable, and effective career transition.

This program is tailored to guide executives, from Director- and VP- level to the C-Suite, through a comprehensive, step-by-step process that provides strategic support and direction for achieving their desired outcomes—faster.

Professional Program

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The best outplacement outcomes stem from a blend of high touch services and high tech delivery, and we created the  Professional Program with this in mind. This program combines the best of unlimited professional career coaching, personal branding from a Certified Professional Resume Writer, and highly relevant job leads with location-independent service delivery and access to revolutionary job search and career transition tools at any time.

This program guides professionals at all levels through effective career transitions while reducing the time it takes to discover and connect with their next best roles.

Essentials Program

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We believe that outplacement should be accessible to everyone in your organisation who will go through a career transition—while remaining affordable for you. The Essentials Program provides your talent at all levels with strategic transition coaching, tailored job leads, and tools for quickly developing a unique and eye-catching professional brand.

This outplacement program is designed to support employees from non-exempt to salaried through a personalised, successful, and expedient career transition experience.

Team of Three – A Team Working for Your Employees

In today’s job market, an employment gap on a resume can exponentially increase the time it takes for someone to find a new job. That’s why, at Sageco, we surround participants with a team of coaching, branding, and job sourcing experts: to break the barriers to finding ideal jobs, making the right connections, and getting their feet in the door so they can land new roles faster.

Personal coaching

Personal Coaching

Each employee receives a personal RiseSmart Transition Coach to prepare for and successfully navigate the job search.

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Location-independent services
  • Coaches with experience in HR and recruiting
  • Certified in RiseSmart’s proprietary transition methodology
  • Assessments and resources
  • Networking, interview, offer and salary negotiations, and more
Professional branding

Professional Branding

Our Certified Professional Resume Writers help participants make a great first impression, with tailored branding material delivered within a week of beginning our outplacement program.

  • Certified Professional Resume Writer
  • Industry experienced writers
  • Customized resume and cover letter
  • Professional critique of LinkedIn bio*

* Services may vary by package type.

Job concierge

Dedicated Job Concierge

Our personal job concierge saves employees time otherwise spent searching for open positions and delivers the best fit jobs for each employee based on preferences, participant profiles, and direct feedback.

  • Professional job sourcers
  • Experience in recruiting
  • Handpicked opportunities
  • Include jobs found on niche job boards or corporate websites
  • Add the human touch to job recommendations
I had set up my profile in Spotlight just a couple of weeks ago. This morning, I received a handpicked role from my Job Concierge that was an exact match to what I was looking for AND I hadn’t seen the role advertised elsewhere. When I called the recruiter straight away, I was asked to submit a resume. Working with my Transition Coach, I tailored my application specifically for the role and applied. The recruiter called me that afternoon asking how quickly I was available for a Skype interview!
Spotlight User, Essential Participant

Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach has inspired over 30,000 participants to visualise what is possible and create their future. It is an objective and adaptive framework supporting individuals through transition at all levels and at all stages of their working life to:

  • take a whole-of-life approach to transition
  • make positive changes in key areas impacted by change
  • set goals, ignite action and achieve their next role or desired outcome

The holistic coaching framework

The framework is based on six life areas impacted by change:

  • Identity – Who am I outside of work? To what extent does my job and employer define me? Where do I find purpose and meaning?
  • Money – Am I clear about the future I want? What money do I need to support it? Am I financially secure?
  • Career – What do I want my next career phase to look like? Can I work differently going forward? How do I enhance job search success?
  • Health – What are the ‘four pillars of good health’? How can I enhance my overall wellbeing during times of change?
  • Relationships – Who are the most important people I will share my future with? How can I keep these relationships healthy? What conversations should I be having?
  • Future – What is the most important to me? What steps can I take to create my future?
Holistic approach
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