Sageco Mature Age Transition Solutions

Sageco has pioneered mature age transition solutions since 2004 and is widely recognised as the industry leader in ageing workforce management.

Sageco has partnered with well over 250 organisations to retain and attract older workers, mitigate the risks of retirement loss, transfer knowledge of long tenure experts and support people leaders to build an age positive culture. Sageco was the largest supplier of the Australian Government’s Corporate Champion’s program between 2013 to 2016 – working with 102 organisations on mature age solutions.

Mitigate risks

  • What is the total replacement cost for exiting mature age workers over the next 5 years? How strong is your succession pipeline?
  • What is the cost of absenteeism, injuries and claims?
  • How many years of accumulated knowledge are walking out the door?
  • Do you currently have strategies in place to intentionally retain and exchange knowledge?
  • How are key business relationships and opportunities impacted?
  • What is the risk of disengagement amongst mature age workers?
  • How can you avoid reputational damage or legal claims such as discrimination or workers compensation?

Maximise opportunities

  • What is the cost-benefit of increased flexibility and retention? Or targeted attrition?
  • Where are the productivity gains?
  • How could it speed up on-boarding and training?
  • How would it increase innovation and enhance relationships?
  • How can you lift engagement? What signal are you sending to the next generation?
  • Does your age management plan align with your Diversity & Inclusion strategy? Your business strategy?

Disregarding mature workers a big mistake

Despite skills shortages and expertise gaps, mature age workers are still often left out in the cold. Alison Monroe, CEO of Sageco explains why businesses should try harder to engage their older employees.

Managing Age Pathways

Our Age Management Consulting Framework

Need a helping hand to navigate and develop an age management strategy? Managing Age Pathways is the ideal starting point for your mature age workforce strategy.

Sageco’s unique ‘Managing Age Pathways‘ is a consulting framework that helps you deliver a strategy and plan on a page, a pilot program and recommendations for your organisation. 

Over 100 organisations have benefitted from Sageco’s Age management pathways, across diverse industry sectors including financial and insurance services, healthcare, transport and postal services, utilities, construction, information, media and telecommunications, government, education, FMCG and retail, professional services, industry, manufacturing and security.

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Pearl in shell

Building People Leader Capability

Need solutions to engage people leaders and HR practitioners responsible for workforce planning and driving the ageing workforce agenda? Our SmartSession Workshops help key stakeholders understand the risks, challenges and opportunities of workforce ageing and move from strategy to action.

Flexible Sessions

Working closely with an internal champion, topics include:

  • Navigating the ageing workforce – engage people leaders in your workforce strategy
  • Mature age workforce conversations – equip people leaders with the tools and strategies for authentic conversations
  • Mature age focus groups – uncover the challenges mature age employees face
  • Knowledge transfer – accelerate the intentional transfer of knowledge between workforce generations.

Navigate the Ageing Workforce

Impacful Sessions

Over 5,000 people leaders have experienced Sageco’s SmartSession Workshops and:

  • 91% of people leaders could identify key workforce risks in their own team
  • 94% of people leaders felt better equipped to have a conversation with team members about their future plans
  • 94% of people leaders would recommend Navigate to their colleagues

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Australian Human Rights Commission

Although employers were attuned to the fact that older and long-serving employees were ‘sticking around’ for a redundancy rather than transitioning to retirement, managers and employees lacked the confidence and skills to have conversations about transition to retirement options and succession planning.
AHRC Willing to Work report 2016

Client feedback

The Navigate sessions went really really well! I was absolutely delighted. Tess is a fantastic facilitator – very personable and relatable. There was a great amount of discussion and debate around the table.
Media Industry
I think this exercise was particularly valuable for the young RTA development managers; they are hungry for inspiration and knowledge to consolidate their careers and to go on their own journey through their career in the RTA. The heuristic knowledge is very important i.e. the telling of the stories of issues and how to solve problems – stimulating the conversations and learnings.
Roads & Traffic Authority sage (now Transport for NSW)
Provides great examples on how to start conversations, asking questions, getting the other person involved in the solution.
Pharmaceutical industry

Participant feedback

Extremely interesting and thought provoking forum. Relevant to all demographics.

Good timing- many organisations aren’t this proactive and leave change management too late in the process to be beneficial.
Good program/ promoting greater awareness and skills to position with our employees.
This was a chance to discuss the issues with others; a chance to reinforce ideas for the future. Learn some new tools to handle the situation.
I think this session would be great for all staff not only for themselves but also the younger generation to help them understand the issues affecting mature age workers.
A very helpful workshop to improve the process for how I can manage and help others.

Supporting Mature Age Workers

Our flagship transition framework – Sageco Envisage® – has inspired over 30,000 participants to visualise what is possible and create their future.

Envisage is a holistic and adaptive framework supporting individuals through transition to:

  • take a ‘whole of life’ approach to transition
  • make positive changes in key areas impacted by change
  • set goals, ignite action and create the future participants envisage.

Envisage – Create your Future is a powerful program for those well into their careers, generally those aged 55+. The program has been designed to engage mature workers and assist them in owning and planning for a positive and productive late career and future retirement.

Watch the Envisage video

Value-add activities

One-on-one coaching with a dedicated transition specialist guiding you each step of the way to ensure successful planning for the future
Online portal including comprehensive career tools and resources that support all phases of the career transition process
Career resource workshops (in person or online) covering a range of career development topics
A complimentary 60-minute individual consultation with an accredited financial advisor
The Envisage journal to capture your thoughts and goals on six key areas impacted by change
Office facilities including hot desk, Wi-Fi, printer/copier. *Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Client feedback

The seminars were a powerful and engaging way to support our employees in planning for the future. […] Importantly, staff have taken action since the seminars. […] The only complaint I received was that 4 hours was too tight, we should have made it an all day seminar! […] I would strongly recommend to other organisations of having this seminar for their employees.
City Council

Participant feedback

I really enjoyed the session. I have been planning my retirement for some time and the session confirmed a number of things for me and made me feel confident that I have planned appropriately…. A really great initiative for those looking at retirement from 5-10 years out, a great planning tool. Great presenters who were practical and had a good understanding of the issues.
Envisage Participant, aged 50+
A great workshop that covered a lot of relevant topics that got me thinking and motivated towards what is possible as I move towards my retirement in the next 10 years or so.